Wonderful 5th Annual Mid-Year Recital

June 5, 2016 –

Today, 36 students performed during their recital.  So many students have improved since last December.  It’s always wonderful to see the support from parents, friends, grandparents, and teachers.

Several faculty members – Roy Imperio (piano), Robert Pettipaw (trumpet), Yerim Kang (piano), Carolyn Furniss (voice), Randy McGravey (guitar) –  also performed for the audience to show their talents what many don’t get to see during regular lessons and also to inspire the students.  It was also great to see other teachers come in to support their students including: Alex Conway, Lisa Leong, Jason Yost, Cynthia Woods.  Our great faculty and dedicated students with their enthusiastic family support continue to make our school great.

Congratulations to all the participating students.  You’re all progressing very well.  You should feel proud.  Have fun and keep on practicing!

Don Lee, Executive Director
group 1 Group 2 group 3